Travelling Oz…What a difference a day makes

Yesterday we spent the day mostly in the van. Stephen replaced one of our gas bottles, walking to the local Ampol station nearby. I did some food shopping. That was about it. Plus we talked with Matt in the evening.

We booked ourselves in for an extra day this morning as the promised fine, sunny day actually happened. I was out early taking photos of sunshine on the cliffs. Yesterday all I could photograph were the fairly tame kangaroos who do a good job of keeping the grass short around here.

sunshine on the cliffs

We drove to a couple of places today, firstly to Boroka Lookout. It was a fairly steep drive on a very windy road, unsuitable for caravans, but fairly easy in our van. It would have been possible to tow a caravan in terms of gradient, but they would definitely have clogged up the system with all the bends. It was very cold at the lookout and we escaped back into our warm van for a hot milo.

The second place we went to was Mackenzie Falls. We had a quick look around on arriving, then had lunch and a rest. We walked first to a lookout where we could see the falls clearly. It was possible to climb right down the falls, and many people did. I set my sights on a platform about half way down and Stephen decided to call it quits at that point too. I was so hot climbing back up that I took off my beanie and gloves and opened up my jacket. I’m glad we went part of the way.

Then home at about 4.30 p.m. We are on a powered site for our last evening here, and for a while enjoyed being plugged in. Then, the power stopped working. Stephen checked outside, and the caravan park power point was still working, but we could no longer get 230v power into the van. We suspect a blown fuse, perhaps brought on by boiling a kettle whilst using the heating on electricity. Anyway, we switched on the gas and all is well as our 12v system is working just fine. We really need the heating this evening as it’s very cold outside.

It’s been a lovely day and we are so glad to have decided to stay here an extra day to take advantage of it.

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