Travelling Oz…Gin Gin Rest Area and Glass House Mountains photos

Without the photo of the 18th century glass making towers the name doesn’t make much sense. Lt James Cook was looking through a telescope from his ship.

Gin Gin in Queensland should not be confused with Gingin, WA. I find I am elaborately saying Gin Gin as two separate words. In the town some signs wrote it Gingin, so maybe even they are undecided.

We had a slow day of travel yesterday due to extensive roadworks. And we were worried about the busy highway! At one point we had been stopped or travelling very slowly for so long that everyone needed the toilet and the first service station was very busy as it was the first time anyone had been able to pull off the road. We took advantage too.

The Adria appeared briefly on our dealer’s website, no photos but priced at $99,000. I just checked this morning and it has sold already. Karen, the manager, said she turns over the yard full of campers in a month, but that was very quick indeed. A new owner will now have to cope with all of her quirks, sticky window blinds and insect screens, a heater that puts most of it’s heat into the storage area under the bed, a button on the hot water system that stops working and has to be removed and reset, the list goes on. Still, I imagine it looked really nice with the professional cleaning. We watched him working whilst we were in the yard and he even knows how to clean the insect screens, though he said they are very delicate and you have to be careful.

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