Travels in the Sherwood: Eclipse April 22nd, 2023

Could our trip to SA be eclipsed by an actual eclipse?

During last week we went to a talk on the September, 1922 eclipse expedition, also in the north of Western Australia. It was very interesting and has left us trying to work out if we can go up to Exmouth for April 22nd and still make it to the G&S Festival in Adelaide in May. We would have three weeks and it is doable, even for us travelling slowly.

The main thing that is off putting about going up to Exmouth for the eclipse is just how crowded it will be. Exmouth gets crowded anyway, but this will be so much worse. National Park camping bookings start on Tuesday at 10.00 a.m. Getting a spot could help us to decide.

The next problem is logistical. There are only two water drinking taps available on the peninsula for campers and the dump points don’t have water available for rinsing. They could get pretty putrid. Basically, could we carry enough water, including drinking water, to sustain us for a few days. We would need to be totally self suffcient for everything.

There is likely to be a lot of traffic congestion and getting a camping spot in the direct line where we will see the eclipse from our campsite would be ideal. Afterwards we, and probably thousands of others, would be wanting to get off the peninsula at the same time.

Would it be worth it for what might be for us a once in a lifetime experience? There is another eclipse five years later but we might not be fit enough to travel to view it.

We’ve had a quote for a new storage box for the rear of the camper. It will cost $1,000, with delivery in 12-14 weeks. That will be in plenty of time for our winter trip. In the meantime we will store stuff inside, though it means moving things outside or into the vehicle cab so that we can use our living area.

Our garden in October, 2022

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