Sherwood Diary: it’s Sunday morning and our last day and night at the caravan park

It’s been raining a fair bit over the last couple of days and we’ve just been going out for our G&S shows. Friday night was Trial by Jury held in an actual courtroom in the district court building. There was a security check as we went in and G&S staff made us line up so they could check us off their lists and control us going in.

Outside, photography is forbidden inside.

We enjoyed it including the parts where the players interact with us, the audience. We even had to sing a bit.

Afterwards we went to the ‘food street’ and chose a different Chinese restaurant to the last one we went to last time. It turned out to be not the best choice. They had already seated us before we checked out the menu and it was expensive. We went for cheaper items and our meal was a bit stodgy. Stephen had indigestion in the night.

Then we went to St Louis for ice creams. They did not disappoint.

Yesterday was a matinee performance of HMS Pinafore, which was really wonderful. The singers were miked, which meant the sound was excellent and even softer voices were easy to hear. This breaks with tradition, but it seems a good idea and none of the singers had to force their voices to create a bigger sound. I think it makes for a more pleasing tone.

Afterwards we went for a bit of a walk to see the Catholic Cathedral on the other side of Victoria Square.

St Francis Xavier Chathedral
Here is our spot before the rain😀

We chose a small restaurant at the markets near the theatre for our evening meal. We checked the menu first, of course. We settled ourselves in a nice spot outside and staff put the heating on for us. Shortly afterwards it started raining heavily and later became windy. We were preparing ourselves to sit it out as we knew the restaurant, which is tiny, was fully booked. However, the staff very kindly took charge and moved us indoors, saying not to worry about bookings and they would sort it out. The service and food were excellent and enjoyed chatting with our neighbours who were seated very close to us.

As we had bought Portuguese tarts before the show we didn’t need an ice cream. We had one tart each at intermission and the others when we got home.

They only make Portuguese tarts, and they are wonderful.

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