Sherwood Diary: Sorcerer rehearsal 2

We were much better prepared for the 2.5hr rehearsal last night, compared with the previous week when we got pretty exhausted. We had a restful day at home, with a meal of leftover curry I had made and took apples and drink to the rehearsal. We actually feel quite good this morning, but have spent the morning at home anyway. It’s been raining lightly but pretty constantly all morning.

What also helped last night was that we relied upon Uber for getting to and from the rehearsal. We had a driver within five minutes each way and the cost seems pretty unfair to the drivers, so I always add a tip to make it up to about $20. I can’t see how they can make a living, but our second driver last night said that he is taking a break from his normal career as a nurse and it keeps up with his bills and allows a little for savings. He worked as a nurse during the pandemic, so understandable that he would need a break.

The day of the performance is a marathon, starting at 11.30 with a three hour rehearsal, and ending at about 7.30 p.m. after the actual performance, with a one hour break at 3.00 p.m. We were given two messages about the performance. Make sure you drink water so that you don’t get dehydrated, but we can’t let you off the stage except for emergencies, even during the interval. Oops, contradictory. There are 150 of us, so the logistics of getting us off stage is one thing, the rather inadequate toilet facilities are another.

We had a colourful sunset here last night. We are looking forward to getting back on the road after being in one place for so long and having real views. We like the luxury of having water and mains power, etc., but we know we can manage without. I thought we might get ‘cabin fever’ from being in such a small space, but it’s been fine, probably because we are out such a lot, and also because it’s rather fun to have everything you need close at hand.

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