Mt Helena

Yesterday Stephen had his second visit with the heart specialist. Apart from upping the new medication, he did not suggest anything. He said that the stress test showed an increase in his heart rate that was more than it should have been, which is why the dosage has increased (doubled). However, in regard to future he is waiting on the results of the visit to the neurologist and will send a copy of his report to her.

I dropped Stephen off for his appointment, then went to stay the night with Mum. I found the whole time I was with her that her short term memory was mostly quite good, much better than at other times when I’ve been with her. The time there was very peaceful, we at dinner at separate times, but watched the news, 7.30 report and Catalyst together. She had two glasses of wine, her new ‘normal’, cutting down from three per day.

I had a window open and the fan going to drown out the noise of her going to the toilet in the night. Not that she is noisy, but the floor creaks a lot! I had a very good night’s sleep and woke up at 6.15 a.m. to the alarm. We both had our morning hot drink, then I had a shower, and we went to her appointment, leaving at about 8.30 a.m.

She still had to wait to see Dr Littlewood, but not as long as other days. Mum remembered how to drive there and also the floor he is on. She was quite able to cope with the process. He said that her eye condition that is treatable is doing well, she is still able to follow the routine of eye drops morning and night.

Mum did not want to go to Midland Gate even though she is interested in buying sandals like mine. We went to Mundaring where she had her scripts filled. I went and bought a cooked chicken, some bread and sausage rolls, and a cup of coffee each.

After lunch we had a rest, then finalised the form for her Personal Alarm. She still insists that she doesn’t need it, but I said all her children wanted her to have it and that it was part of helping her to remain living alone independently. She said that she still does like living alone. Mind you, she often rings Robyne to ask her to come to visit her. Marie said that sometimes she rings both of them. I assume that she doesn’t ring Jamie and I because we are visiting so often!

We also made an appointment with her GP to help ¬†with applying for an ACROD sticker to use when we take her out. I notice that Mum doesn’t like to walk very far and has difficulty with coping with pavements (they are often uneven).


invasion of doves
The Doves

The doves have taken over that spot on Mum’s roof. My brother has tried to move them on, but they appear to have decided to ignore him. The other photos were taken in the garden Tuesday evening.