Swimming again

Last summer we started Monday morning swims at Riverton Leisure Complex. We like the  covered, heated pool that is separated from the area where small children play in shallow pools. We compete with the schools for this space, but if we get there early enough there are no problems.

Afterwards we stopped at the Lo Quay Cafe on the Old Riverton Bridge for a shared bacon and egg sandwich and our coffee and chai latte drinks. There were plenty of newspapers so Stephen got to indulge.

Low Quay Cafe
Stephen at the Lo Quay Cafe, Riverton

Sunday and today have been quite cool and we both went for lap rugs when having our afternoon rests.

I did a couple of loads of washing, and enjoyed a gin and tonic in the late afternoon. Less the gin, of course, since we don’t have any. Tonic is almost as nice on its own!


Sunday 31st January

Apparently Mum had four visitors on Sunday morning. She had rung Robyne and asked her to come, plus Marnie was there. Tracy came to do the housework and Jamie came with her. I wonder how it all went.

Stephen and I walked over to the Farmer’s Market this morning, just to see what it was like. There were a few food stalls, a bouncy castle for children, plus about 3 stalls with fresh produce/meat. I bought a jar of honey from a stall, very local as it comes from Shelley.


Matt was very happy when he came home and we all enjoyed the evening. Stephen was feeling better this week, so able to do things with Matt as well. We looked at photos on Matt’s iPad of his sister’s wedding and some from Christmas events that we missed by being overseas. Matt ate well, unlike last week, perhaps having a roast dinner helped. I dressed up in the chef’s hat and apron.

Susan and Matt, photo taken by Stephen using Sony A6000

Della got back to me with some photos. They have had some snow in Chongqing and visited a nearby mountain – it is as special to them as it is to us because it doesn’t happen very often. She has two tins left of the milk formula and said she would indeed like some more. Probably six tins at a time would work as that is what fits into one of the post office boxes.