Summer is almost over

And Perth recorded quite a hot day (38 degrees). We put our air-conditioning on quite early. Stephen was going to one of his opera films, so I drove in and he went to the movie and I went to the Dome. It was Northbridge this time, but they are sometimes in Leederville. Afterwards we went down to Cottesloe for a couple of hours to enjoy the fresh air and gentle cool breeze. We are keeping folding chairs in the car and I have added a folding tray which makes a nice little table for our low chairs. Stephen read the paper and I read a book on the iPad. We had drinks, but decided to come home for tea. We have recently stocked up on salads and other food and it seemed a pity to buy food. However, we found it stuffy indoors here and have had the air-conditioning on again even though it has cooled down.


PIAF – Cello at UWA

Yesterday I went for a walk down to the river before breakfast. I caught the bus home. By the time I was returning the sun was very bright and it would have been uncomfortable to walk back. Besides, it is uphill! Stephen made breakfast.

In the evening we went to listen to Bach Cello concertos in the grounds of UWA. This is part of PIAF and the Chamber Music Festival. A very enjoyable way to spend an hour or so. We took our chairs, but found that they had provided enough chairs for the audience.

PIAF Cello at UWA3
Stephen sitting in the audience
PIAF Cello at UWA5
Solo Cellist

Afterwards we went to South Perth and watched the moon rise over the Darling Scarp. We had quite a good view down the river.

Moonrise over the Scarp

We checked out the ferry service to Elizabeth Key and found that it runs into the evenings, but later on the weekend than on weekdays. Still, quite a good way for us to get to Elizabeth Key. We have it on our list of things we would like to do one evening.