Sunday again

We cleaned the floors yesterday. Even with the two of us working, Stephen with the vacuum cleaner and me with the mop and broom, it took about an hour. Stephen did a thorough clean, including under the queen bed where there are lots of his musical instruments stored, so it took longer than it could have done.

In the evening we had Matt to tea. I seem to be getting a bit better with guiding the wheelchair. He is still leaning back too far and I think it makes it harder for him to switch on the dishwasher, as well as being bad for when he is eating. Maybe needs a bit of a ‘push’ to get them to adjust it. When Matt had a go outside I noticed he was better at being able to go in a straight line, so practice is paying off for him as well.

Stephen and I are proofreading Eversley’s new book on Rottnest. The featured photo is of Stephen working on the Mac in the study nook in the living area.

And a photo of Matt. I took lots, but this was the best, with a little catchlight in his eye.

Matt smiling