Summer is almost over

And Perth recorded quite a hot day (38 degrees). We put our air-conditioning on quite early. Stephen was going to one of his opera films, so I drove in and he went to the movie and I went to the Dome. It was Northbridge this time, but they are sometimes in Leederville. Afterwards we went down to Cottesloe for a couple of hours to enjoy the fresh air and gentle cool breeze. We are keeping folding chairs in the car and I have added a folding tray which makes a nice little table for our low chairs. Stephen read the paper and I read a book on the iPad. We had drinks, but decided to come home for tea. We have recently stocked up on salads and other food and it seemed a pity to buy food. However, we found it stuffy indoors here and have had the air-conditioning on again even though it has cooled down.


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