Last night we went to the State Theatre to see an unusual version of the play. It was actually very enjoyable as it really focussed the vital elements of the play whilst giving it a contemporary Australian background and references. I love the theatre with it’s interesting lighting and spaces and rather intimate feeling auditorium.

We were going to catch the train in, but maintenance work was being done on our line, so we caught the replacement bus service. Quite interesting to see how it weaves around covering the stations. East Perth and McIver were covered without the bus actually going to the stations, but Victoria Park is well served with the bus running alongside the further side from the little car park. As before, we drove to the station. Stephen has registered his travel card to pay for parking, but we found that parking is free on the weekends anyway.

On Thursday I did a first shift at Spencer. It was relatively relaxed and I was delighted to find I was working until 8.30 p.m., not 9.30 as booked. Putting residents to bed is quite tiring, but that was the only really busy time. It was good to catch up with some of the great long term staff and residents.

On Friday I went up to Mum’s quite early and we went to St John of God, Midland for her appointment at the Aged Care falls clinic. She saw a nurse first of all to be weighed, etc., then we were offered cups of tea or coffee, which we accepted. She brought us biscuits as well, then some tuna sandwiches, so we were well fed and watered by the time we saw the doctor. He did a very comprehensive assessment of Mum’s circumstances and physical abilities. He was young, and tried to engage Mum in everything. She coped well even though the appointment went on for about an hour and she had a headache by the end. He made sure she had water and was able to take some headache tablets.

She was also to have blood tests, followed by a CT scan and chest X-Ray. Again, she coped really well considering she was tired. We then had a light lunch and went home. I had a sleep and when I got up, Jamie was there and told me that Mum came over on Thursday and asked if she could move into the granny flat as soon as possible. She did not mention this when we were speaking with the doctor at the hospital, which was a bit frustrating for me. Jamie has also arranged for a real estate agent to see the house and give a valuation with a view to selling it. Again, moving fast, and he did not discuss this with the rest of us first.

Anyway, it does solve the problem of Mum living on her own. Marie plans to see her tomorrow, Monday, and may be there when the agent comes to do the valuation.

Today I’ve had a headache all day and stayed in bed, mostly sleeping. But Matt is coming to tea, so time to get up and be ready for him. Stephen will cook spaghetti for tea, his special dish for about 40 years as we found out from Jane.

The featured image is of Stephen on the balcony at the State Theatre showing the Horseshoe Bridge and roof of the station.


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