Busy, but not that interesting

On Monday evening we took a walk around the neighbourhood. The photos aren’t that interesting, but show the character of our area. For example, we live in a street with trees, but they are a bit stubby.There are old houses, often weatherboard. The Post Office is an old building that has been restored. The addition of the creatures makes it a little more interesting.

Victoria Park leafy tree lined street (1 of 1)
Not the Western Suburbs
Victoria Park Post Office (1 of 1)
Black Swan, Red Kangaroo

On Tuesday I saw Mum. Jamie was there and we swapped stories until she was hungry. Jamie went home and we had frozen meals for lunch. After our rest we watched a movie. In the evening I dropped Stephen off at the station so he could catch a train to choir, then picked him up afterwards.

Wednesday I worked a new shift for me 12.00 noon to 6.00 p.m. It was at a house where I have worked a few times, but don’t know the routines all that well. I cooked the evening meal, and with help from the other person, worked a bit with the residents. They are all fairly easy. The shift is normally a 10.00 – 6.00 p.m., but being casual I was only offered the 6 hours. I have to say that it suited me well, thank goodness, as I have another one booked. Stephen cooked tea.

Today is not predicted to be as hot, but it is hazy and humid, which means we are only comfortable with air conditioning. Unfortunately March and April can be like this, we really can only rely on getting more comfortable weather in May.

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