Quiet day with Mum

This morning we packed up to go home, leaving the caravan at Mum’s house. I dropped Stephen off to catch a bus, then went to see Mum. She said she feels a bit dull and flat, I wonder if after all the excitement of the move, with all the stress of the weeks beforehand, that she is having a bit of a reaction. She is having to learn new things with the layout of this place. We went shopping and got some petrol, and although initially she was glad to be going out she tired quite quickly. She had sausage roll for lunch, but we couldn’t find the tomato sauce and it was a bit flaky and dry without it. I had some leftover quiche.

IW encouraged her to come into Coles with me, suggesting that she might see things she wanted if she was with me. She is feeling more frail, possibly because at her house she was getting exercise going up and down ramps, here things are more contained, not so far to go.

I am not feeling much like unpacking so have simply put the left over boxes in the spare room. There is still room for someone to sleep in here.

The featured image is of a small building near the Mundaring Sculpture Park. There is some repair/restoration work underway in the area, but normally this is a lovely place to come for a walk/picnic, etc.

One of the sculptures at the Mundaring Sculpture Park
Mundaring Weir Reflections. processed using Snapseed on my iPad.

We are having warm sunny days and quite cold nights, especially here in Mt Helena. The clear skies are not so interesting for photos, but we have enjoyed a fairly clear view of the stars each night we have been here. There is some light pollution from the city.


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