Today has been interesting. We went for a walk to a local lookout, then had coffee and cake at a cafe overlooking the beach. We bought our cakes cheaply at the bakery and ate them with our coffees in the cafe.

I’ve just discovered why my photos for the last few days have been over exposed, I had moved the exposure dial accidentally and hadn’t checked that particular item when trying to work out what had happened. I’ve also had a spot on my photos, even though I have not changed the lens on my Sony. Could I be lucky enough that it was on the lens and not the sensor? We will find out tomorrow. If it is on the sensor it is very bad news for my photos, although I can correct them fairly easily in Lightroom.

We bought a roll each and went out to some of the ocean gorges. After walking along the cliffs on a boardwalk I at least was hungry for the roll, so we ate them there. Afterwards, Marie proposed having a rest back at the caravans. Geoff went off to Red Bluff whilst the rest of us had a rest. He helped me by putting some guy ropes on our side awning so that I could leave it up. This evening I did some washing and it is now hanging under the awning where it might just get dry, though probably not overnight as it is cold.

The storm had passed by this morning and althoug we had some cloud, it was mostly fine and a comfortable temperature with a maximum of about 21 degrees. We went up to a lookout late in the day, seeing some kangaroos in the distance as well as having a great view of the surrounding area. Really lovely and peaceful. The caravan park is a bit busy, and we have ‘luck’ in having two different families with young children. The father of the second lot apologised in advance for his kids, very sweet. They are good kids, but are small and lively.

Geoff cooked sausages on the BBQ and Marie and I did some veggies in the microwave for tea. We then retired to our separate caravans for a quiet evening. Stephen asked if I wanted to watch anything, but I felt tired and wanted to have a little time to process the photos from today. So, he is listening to something and I am looking at the photos.

matching caravans (1 of 1)
Matching caravans – Kalbarri
Kalbarri ocean gorge (1 of 1)
One of my overexposed photos from today. Even Lightroom cannot really rescue it.

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