Kalbarri Day 2

We have spent our second day at Kalbarri exploring the river gorges. We took picnic food and went from place to place, taking in the views. There were good paths, signage, and picnic areas. The gravel roads could have done with a visit from a bulldozer, but we travelled slowly, as did most of the other cars on the road. There was surprisingly little dust.

Marie and I got washing done early and Stephen and Geoff went to the shops and bakery for fresh bread and our choice of treats.

We left at about 20 to 11.00 am and came home after four. There is more to do in this area, but that will have to be for our next visit.

Flowering tree (1 of 1)
there was a beautiful perfume in the air and we think it was from this flowering tree
keeping things in balance (1 of 1)
View from the lookout (1 of 1)
View from one of the lookouts
View near the river (1 of 1)
down near the river
Stylish picnic area (1 of 1)
Stylish picnic area

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