Yesterday we drove 376 kms to Denham. We left a little after 9.00 a.m., but dropped in at the bakery on the way. We had a good trip, with Marie and Geoff going ahead at their own pace, with us following at ours. This worked well. Stephen and I had about a 20 minute stop at a 24hr camping area, Galena Bridge, which was about 13kms up the road after reaching the highway. It was very pleasant in sunshine, with the Murchison River adding interest.


We had another short stop at the next 24hr camping spot, rather different, but with bitumen areas. It would be a better stopover place if it was raining.

We met up at Billabong. Marie and Geoff had already had lunch before we arrived, but they waited for us for a while, then we set off intending to meet again at the caravan park. In fact, we met close to Shell Beach, and went there for afternoon tea and a walk on the curious shell beach. It is very shallow water, and the beach made up of little shells, which went into waves.

When we arrived here in Denham it felt far less comfortable than at Kalbarri. It was very windy. Stephen and Geoff found a place where we had fish and chips and discussed the next few days. Two stops were confirmed, at the Hamelin Station Stay and Northampton. Marie and I were delegated to book in the morning, which we did.

Completely unedited, view at the edge of the caravan park. When I edit I will cut out the car at the left and some of the under brush at the right and straighten it.

Marie and I both did some washing and were able to hang it on a lines near the caravans. As today was sunny and mild, the washing was dry  by the time we got back from Monkey Mia. We had a relaxed morning, leaving for MM by about 10.30 a.m., but with delays to allow caravans to get through into the park and shopping for Marie and Geoff, did not arrive there until after 11.00 a.m. We spent a lazy time enjoying the dolphins, the sunshine, and time in the little gift shops. We set up camp as it were outside of the restaurant, had our picnic lunch and bought coffees, etc. to make up for not buying their food.

Pelians enjoy being with dolphins in case a bit of fish drops off. This little dolphin had quite a large fish and was having some difficulty breaking it up so it could eat it.

After a mild, sunny day the wind came up at about 4.30 p.m., and it became rather cold and cloudy. So, we are hunkered down in our caravans, looking forward to having simple, home cooked meals.

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