Wrong lens for evening photos

I’ve gone back to a Sony 28-70mm lens for my Sony A7RII as an experiement as it is much lighter than my good 24-70mm 2.8 A-mount lens. So far, not too good. Last night we went to Victoria Gardens in East Perth for a picnic tea. Of course, the warmer weather fled and we were a bit chilly, but decided it was a good idea anyway. We ate first, so missed the before sunset photos I was hoping for. We went for a walk around the quay afterwards. The photos are very noisy and pretty much like all of the other photos I have taken in this area when we lived there. Surprising really that so little has changed. Except for the view, of course, which now includes the new stadium, with the Darling Scarp blotted out.


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These are slightly adjusted in Lightroom.

A bit better result in daylight as I was on my morning walk

I haven’t had any calls since Saturday regarding work. I’ve started noticing how many birds we can hear in the mornings around 6.30 a.m., despite all the traffic noise. I don’t know if it is because I am more relaxed or because the weather is getting warmer and there are more birds around.

foliage above our house (1 of 1).jpg
This photo is showing the foliage showing above our roof. We have been here about five and half years. Initially there were one or two thin strands showing and Stephen would cut them off. Now that we have so much showing that is a lost cause. Besides, it does something to soften the edges of our rather conventional and boring looking house. And gives a hint to the greenery in the back patio area.

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