Burns Beach -Monday and Tuesday

In the afternoon on Monday, rather than sit around waiting for the day to cool off, we caught a bus to Joondalup Shopping Centre. We found an attractive Cuban Style (maybe or maybe not) cafe on the edge of the shopping centre where we shared a roll and had sweet, interesting drinks.

View into the cafe. A waitress said that the things on the shelves had been sourced through secondhand stores. I’m not sure about the inclusion of crocheted blankets, though they would be good for cold weather.

We went to the Aldi store as Stephen hadn’t been to one before. I suggested that he consider it to be a museum or art gallery – something to see, rather than a place to actually shop. We then spent some time in Dymocks.

When we got back it was somewhat cooler. After tea, Stephen suggested we bring in the awning. There was more wind than on previous days, plus there was the risk of it being wet in the morning with dew.  Afterwards we listed to a podcast on the importance of glass, quite interesting, but we didn’t listen to the end as it became a bit repetitive.

The way we had the awning we had not had a good view of the ocean from inside the Winnie and we had been looking forward to the view when we woke up on Tuesday morning. But, as is the nature of things, there was actually a heavy mist, and we couldn’t see the sea. I tried taking photos, but they don’t really show how heavy it was. Of course, it meant that everything was very moist, so it was a good thing to have the awning rolled up.

After having a shower I went down to the beach to paddle. Stephen usually takes longer than me, so he had not long been back when I returned.

The mist had cleared by this time, about 8.30, but it was still very cool and pleasant.

We had a leisurely breakfast, having negotiated a late checkout of 12.00 noon. After packing up, we went to the cafe for coffee/chai latte. It was a bit noisy inside and no shady tables available outside, so not as wonderful as it could have been, but gave us a break before the long journey home. Not that there was a long journey, just about 45 minutes!

When we woke up at home this morning, we missed the open spaces and fresh air.

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