Travels with the Winnie: Day 5

Today has been a day of enjoying being in this location. I took some photos soon after sunrise, even before my cup of tea!

Glorious (1 of 1)


Then I did all of our washing in one load and hung it on the line. Check.

Washing (1 of 1)


We did a few things, for example, we had found when having our showers last night that the Winnie was tilted so much that the water was banking up on the opposite side to the plug hole. This morning we unplugged everything and moved it slightly to make things more level and checked that water would go out of the plug hole. Check. Then I emptied the toilet cassette. I had been worried as it was an odd looking dump point, but it was actually quite easy. Check.

By then Stephen was ready for a walk and I was ready for a rest. So, we did that. When he came back we made an easy lunch, slices of cheese between bread (no butter) and muesli bars and did the Summit Walk. We spent quite some time there as it was lovely. We saw lots of kangaroos, and they saw us as well. If we felt we were being watched, we were. However, we didn’t mean each other any harm.



We tried phoning Matt as we had a good signal at that height, but he was out with Scott. Scott said that he wanted to take Matt shopping for clothes, so I imagine that that is what they might have been doing. We had another try at reaching him after 3.00 p.m., but there was only one staff member on and she was new, so we gave up and left a message that we would ring him tomorrow.

We had a rest after our walk to the Summit, then a cup of tea, then brought in the washing. It seemed to be completely dry. Stephen went for another walk, but I felt reluctant as it was cloudy and windy. When the wind died down about 4.30 I went out along one of the other walks until sunset.


watching you (1 of 1)
Watching you

We’ve had drinks and nibbles whilst I’ve been processing photos from the day. I was trying to come up with a definitive photo for the day, I miss being able to upload quite a few. I’m preparing this blog in Word because WordPress did not seem to be working. I’m guessing the signal isn’t strong enough.

We’ve booked in for a meal tonight for a treat.

As we half expected, the meal serving were huge. Quite good, simple food. We were sitting in a barn like place with long trestle tables. We had an enjoyable time talking caravan/motorhome travels with our neighbours, then staggered back to the van.

I attempted to upload quite a few photos, but have decided to go with these three, it was taking a long time and I often had error messages.



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