Travels with the Winnie: Day 6

Baxter Rest Area

The featured image above is a view from the Summit walk.

Today we travelled from Fraser Range Station to Baxter Rest Area. This is a free 24hr camping area. We’ve driven in far enough to be well off the road. There are lots of caravans here, but mostly not too far off the road. There is one caravan out further than us with a generator running, it’s very quiet from here fortunately. We arrived at about 4.00 p.m. and it was easy to set up – no hookups to worry about.

We are fairly close to a repeater station and have better internet than at Fraser Range, if not quite the facilities.

We rang Matt at lunchtime and talked with Scott as well as Matt. It was the OT Scott who Matt was with yesterday. They are still working on his new chair. We were able to get Matt to talk a bit, mainly to the ‘robot’ (Stephen pretends to be a robot, which Matt finds funny). Then Scott and Matt shared a joke and we could hear Matt cracking up with laughter.

Red and Yellow Way (1 of 1)
Fraser Range Station – signs to Summit Walk
at lunchtime rest area (1 of 1)
lunchtime rest area
at lunchtime rest area2 (1 of 1)
lunchtime rest area
Baxter Rest Area (1 of 1)
First things first – drinks and nibbles at Baxter Rest Area

I did a bit of hand washing at Fraser Range this morning. I thought the dripping would be annoying in the shower recess, but we couldn’t hear it with the bathroom door shut. It was hung out on a tree for a while after we arrived.

Baxter Rest Area2 (1 of 1)
Evening light at Baxter Rest Area

Although we like being able to take a leisurely pace crossing the Nullabour we do miss chasing down the little gold Honda. We stopped briefly at Balladonia today and remembered catching up with Eversley.

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  1. No golden Honda. She’s parked quietly here. Getting ready to pick up packing boxes to start the big move.
    Love the photos 😀

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