Travels with the Winnie: Day 23

The featured image is of the dawn at Horrocks Pass Rest Area. You won’t actually see it unless you click on the title of the post and go to it in a web page. It doesn’t show up in the email version.

We have camped tonight at the Ranges View Rest Area – so named because of the view, of course. We haven’t gone very far today, maybe about 100 kms.

We drove from Horrocks Pass to Port Augusta where we went to a dump point, fed the Winnie and checked the tyres. We also did a bit of shopping, getting bread, rolls and bananas. We started out on the Stuart Highway, then stopped at a lovely Botanic Gardens. After a bit of a walk around we had lunch, then drove to a lookout nearby. That was definitely worthwhile.

Red Cliff Lookout2 (1 of 1)
Red Cliff Lookout
from Red Cliff Lookout towards Augusta

Stephen isn’t feeling very well, he has a headache and just not his usual self. That is party why we have chosen to camp early (by about 2.30 p.m.). The other is that the view is quite special, there is internet access, and I am also feeling a bit tired. We have a long way to go and it will all be interesting as we haven’t been this way before (or at least, not since I was a small child).

Ranges View Rest Area

We are approximately 1,300 kms from Alice Springs.


2 responses to “Travels with the Winnie: Day 23”

  1. Love your photos. Spent some time reading your last weeks travels. Hope you are both still managing the pace Ok. Winnie seems to be having the easiest ride of the three of you!! Alice Springs here you come. I think you have both been this way before… I know It is your birthplace Susan, but seem to remember Stephen set off o a journey into the depths of Aus.
    My packing journey continues. Yesterday the last of my cast offs disappeared, so now it is just the final pack with a week to go. I’m sure you understand it. I went over to Gwelup again this last week and got locked in the middle courtyard for the third time. Mind you I don’t have a key yet! But I realised it can be a bit of a prison, as well as a serviced hotel, or a cruise ship moored on the Lake. Still I plan to continue with all my outside activities for the feasible future.
    All the best for your travels north…😍

  2. Hi Suzi and Stephen
    One day, I hope to travel to Ayres Rock (I spell it’s real name) and then to Alice Springs.

    I love the photos, they are worth it to me to see such lovely places.

    I have had a long week and finally on my two days off. I am still waiting to be signed off with things at Gleddon Road, Bull Creek, like, Medication and personal safety and such things, but I am used to the routine and helping as much as I can. There are 5 individuals in the house and barring one, I have learned to feed them their meals. One lady can be violent and I haven’t had much to do with her barring watching the Permanent staff feeding her and putting her to bed or up to sit in her comfy lounge.

    I have had a few hiccups, like mentioning my experience with Activ which I have to stop mentioning now as it upsets the regular staff?????? and I mentioned the word Spastic and I was told off by the LAS Sandra Hassay to not say that word again and use the words Cerebral Palsy … my bad!! But apart from those hiccups, I think I am doing well.

    Tomorrow I am SLEEPING IN then doing a massive lot of housework, vacuuming, washing floors and tidying up my unit, folding a mountain of clean washing then driving over the Garden City and going to Apple, to ask to have a cover for my new iPad and sort out why my iPhone and iPad won’t pair?? anyway, I am going to have a cuppa and relax until Monday night. Starting Tuesday next, I have 3 days of 12.00-20.00 then 3 days of 7.05-15.05, meaning I will be working next weekend – I am thinking of the money as I am trying to build up my savings again – not that I have a choice of shifts anyway hahaha

    I love you both and please take care. I’m looking forward to more photos 😀

    Ciao, Robs xx

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