Travels with the Winnie: Day 91

Rest Area just East of Eyre Bird Observatory turnoff to Afghan Rock Camping Area

Today we went through the ’90 mile straight’ – fairly easy driving today, sunny and not too much wind. We were the last to leave our campsite this morning, but still managed reach our desired campsite. Instead of being just off the highway, we are actually on private property, close to a dam and windmill. Thanks to Wikicamps for information on this site. The comments section was very helpful about the condition of the track leading to the dam, including another motorhome owner who said it was OK taken very slowly.

We have our little circle of RVs and even though it has been dark for a couple of hours there are a group still sitting outside around a campfire. If Stephen and I wanted our own campfire we realise that we don’t have matches or any other way of lighting a fire. I am thinking of getting a small metal firepit that we can take around with us. It would mean we could have a very small and contained fire – only in season, of course.

Nomad Village (1 of 1)
Our nomad village for the night. You can’t see the dam in this photo as it is smallish and rather low lying.
stephen (1 of 1)
Stephen exploring the rock

We had morning tea at Caiguna and lunch at the Baxter Rest Area where we stayed on our way to the East.

We are now 180 kms east of Norseman and finally back in the WA timezone.


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