South: Brookton to home base

We took time on our way from Brookton to Roleystone to stop at a couple of places. The first was the Jelcobine Rest Area, a large area that may be used for free camping.

Jelcobine Rest Area

The second was Christmas Tree Well which is day use only. By the time we got there the cloud had broken up with some sunny spells.

Christmas Tree Well

We called in to see Marie and Geoff in Roleystone. They read the blog, so know our news, it was a chance to see how they were going. We stayed for a couple of hours, then drove home.

We can keep the Winnie on the driveway for another week until our neighbours return. We have it booked in to have the lock repaired on Wednesday next week. We will also get them to look at our latest water leak – grey water – which we noticed this morning in Brookton.

We have done some sorting out, but we are tired and not working very hard😀

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