First full day at home

We have felt a bit strange today, getting used to being back in the house. Stephen and I both had the same thought, to try sleeping in the van on our own to see if it felt luxurious to have the double bed to ourselves. I was the one who actually did it last night. I didn’t have to deal with the room feeling stuffy compared to being in a room with roof hatches and windows on two sides which makes it very airy. I didn’t really feel I had a great deal more room in the bed sleeping on my own, I still prefer to have Stephen there. I was woken up by the machinery next door. They are still digging and getting rid of huge amounts of earth which is taken away in trucks.

We’ve taken all of the food, including stuff like tea bags, out of the van because of the hot weather ahead. I’ve washed all of the linen and our clothes. Stephen spent time sorting out his study and I put away my camera gear. We haven’t done much, but I feel that a few things have been accomplished that I can tick off the list!

We went over to the Hawkers Market in the evening. Our friend from the choir has introduced us to her friends who live locally and often come on Fridays. She wasn’t there, but we were able to join the group and enjoyed catching up. It is a nice way to feel connected with our local community.

It’s always interesting to go around to the stalls and choose different types of food. It’s very much a family evening, with a bouncy castle and DJ playing music, a bit too loud at times and lots of kids.

I wore this post late at night, and have had to go back and edit in the morning.

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