A family wedding

We had a quiet day, thinking about what would be happening in the afternoon and evening. The forecast was for a warm day of 34 degrees, and we were hoping for a sea breeze in Baldivas where the wedding was to be help. There was a breeze, but with chairs for guests located in the sun, only the brave sat down. It was an unplugged wedding, which meant we could all enjoy the ceremony and leave the photography up to the two photographers.

After family photos Marie and Geoff came back to our place. We discussed what would be happening when our first exchangees come in mid March, including Glenn’s routine. The plan is that we will stay and keep him company whilst Marie and Geoff go off for a few days. The routine sounds complicated when you haven’t done it, but Marie will write it out and I think it will come naturally as we do it. Glenn will be able to keep us up to scratch as well.

We met up with old acquaintances, Robyne’s friends and Chris’s family, as well a some of Adrian’s family. Turns out that that Vicki from Quaranup days, who is his Aunt. We sat with Vicki and Rob and it was lovely to have an old and new connection with them. Guests were seated to split up family groups, but we did some wandering around between speeches and courses to catch up with each other.

The featured photo is of the sunset from the entry to the Pagoda Ballroom where the reception took place. Marie went out to take a look and then got me as she thought I would want to see/photograph it.

I was impressed with Robyne in her role as sole parent for the ceremony, walking Caitie down the aisle, making the speech, and having the first dance with her daughter. The speech by the bridesmaid in chief was also very good, witty. A few goals for the women’s team indeed! I was imagining that it also made Cait and Robyne very aware of Chris’s absence on the day.

IMG_0443 2.png

One little photo of the bride and groom entering the restaurant. I’m looking forward to seeing their wedding album.


Stephen talking with Richard, Cait’s uncle on her father’s side.

Geoff took these photos, first of the aunties in rather similar colours, then of us with Robyne, the three sisters. Thank you Geoff.

Adrian’s brothers had roles in MCing and organising the music. There was a ‘wishing well’ and I put our card and the envelope with our gift of money as separate items into it, to make the actual amount anonymous. I don’t know if other people did this. We also took photos of ourselves in an instant camera, put the photos in an album, and wrote messages, as a way of having a record of who came to the reception.

We did a little dancing at the end. We left when things still seemed to be in full swing. We weren’t tired then, but I knew I would be tired when I got home. I went straight to bed, whereas Stephen read for a while. I’ve felt under the weather today, I had more to drink than usual just by sipping throughout the evening, and suspect I have a hangover. Still, it was a special occasion, and worth it.

Adrian’s grandmother was at the wedding and reception and stayed until quite late. Good stamina and showing us younger folk the way. I imagine that of everyone Cait and Adrian must be the most tired today.

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