South: Cuballing to Brookton

This place is our launching pad for the last day of travel. G, our house sitter, was kind enough to stay an extra night as we had originally planned to arrive home last night. We’ve been enjoying the journey and the small villages on this Great Southern Highway. It is so quiet compared with Albany Highway, without the anger and pushiness of drivers there.

The humidity was very high when we arrived and we used the airconditioning for a while. We walked around the oval admiring the clouds.

Overnight things shifted and we switched off the fan, closed the window next to the bed and brought out the doona. It’s quite cool this morning.

The caravan park is a council run park, with a discount for seniors, so we only paid $26 for the night for water and power, plus the ensuite style showers. Very nice! We can go back to free camping when the weather is cooler. There are quite a few options down this highway.

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  1. Apologies for not reading all your blog until now… WOW. Great photos…. quite a journey this time… and impressed how you two roll with it all. I am now in Dome… the respite for all travellers… with the fast internet which is not at Best Western. We now have that grey weather you have probably missed by going the opposite direction… but at least it is fining up!
    WELCOME HOME… our paths almost crossed… I’m back via Ravensthorpe on Saturday arriving late, after reversing my outgoing saga journey.. minus the Prospector..See you Sunday night.. best I book my ticket..

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