Repair list for Winnie

The featured image is from our trip south, one of the many photos I took from our walks in the Stirling Ranges National Park. Remembering.

We dropped the Winnie off with Ken Peachy this morning. They were unable to quickly release the deadlock on the door. The following is my list of things for them to look at:


With paint chips on the bonnet, Jason said he will contact a friend down the road to come to have a look and give us a quote. The grey water hose and loose screw on the top panel are easily fixed, but we may have to wait for a new deadlock for the door. I asked about getting rid of some stains on the body of the Winnie, which are still there after our cleaning. Jason said that it is safe to use cream cleanser.


I haven’t yet cleaned the interior of the Winnie, apart from a quick clean I did at our last stopover on the road. We have had various tasks in the mornings, which are usually the only time when it is cool enough to work in the Winnie. I could use the airconditioner, but would rather work with windows and doors open.

We went for a swim yesterday morning, which made an excellent start to the day, though Stephen felt pretty tired afterwards, and didn’t go to choir in the evening. We are trying to schedule a regular day, Mondays will work until Trinity School for Seniors starts in a couple of weeks. It also depends on whether Stepher is going to try to work on two languages at once, German and Mandarin. If he drops the German we can continue to go Monday mornings which has worked out in previous years as being a good choice.

I posted 6 tins of level 4 milk formula to China for Yaxuan and bought a new sunscreeen for the Subaru. Our old one has been gradually falling apart.

Stephen has been sorting out his study and has a few bags of stuff to take to Good Sammies. I added a few things this morning. I still have lots of sorting to do. I’ve made a list this morning, but probably need to break it down into smaller steps. Otherwise, its hard to get started.

I’m keeping the sewing machine set up ready to go in my study, but haven’t yet done my next task, which is to take up the hems on my jeans. That is on my list of tasks as well.



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  1. Re jeans there is a utube of how to take up jeans without cutting off hem. May only work if not too much length taken up… cheers Marie.

    • I had a fair bit of length to cut off. I had a go with one pair, just changing the foot and needle as the colour of the cotton is similar to all of the other stitching on the jeans. My line of sewing isn’t very even, so will work on that aspect with the other pair. I doubt if it is very noticeable, but can undo the stitching and try again if the next pair works better. It would be good to be able to always do them myself as it costs $17 per pair to have them done for me.

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