Thursday and Friday

Yesterday I went to see Mum with Marie. We stayed until lunchtime. I tried to show her some of the photos from our trip south, thinking she might be interested in places like Esperance, where she had family holidays when she was a child, and Ravensthorpe where her parents lived for a few years. I didn’t have the attachments to link the iPad to her TV and must make sure I can do it next time. She was interested and she remembered staying in Esperance at a boarding house and how beautiful it was with cliffs and ocean.

In the evening we went to the Vic Park Hawkers Market. There were fewer stalls, but enough to be enjoyable. One couple in our party had grandchildren with them and they spent time at the little animal farm and bouncy castle. After sunset it was chilly, with people putting on cardigans and jumpers.

This morning we went to East Perth where we gather every year for a sausage sizzle breakfast in the park with Jeff Carroll and as many friends as he can rustle up. It is his birthday, this year the 75th, and one of his sisters organised a birthday cake. We enjoyed talking with some of the people we meet there each year.

I dressed in coverup gear, jeans, shoes and socks, and a long sleeved cotton shirt, and felt confident of being in the open air without worrying about the UV. Mind you, the trees are gradually providing more and more shade each year as we go there.

I felt like staying in the open air afterwards, so Stephen suggested we go to the Kent Street Weir for a coffee. So, we did. They were only open until 12.00, and gave away muffins for us to take with us, I suppose as a sort of apology for closing early. But I don’t think anyone minded as the staff had been there since early morning and it would give them a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Some photos from Kent Street Weir. There is a new weir, it looks very strong indeed, almost as though they imagine a strong river that occasionally floods.

There is a reasonable flow of water.

We always have a photo with Stephen in it.

Canoeing is popular here.

My camera has a little trick, similar to Live Photos on the iPhone, where it takes a small amount of video before capturing the still photo, then compiles a little video of the day’s photos. The camera has to be set to automatic and it only captures JPEG, not RAW. It seems like a good idea for when we are travelling as it would make a summary of the day of sightseeing. It will help if I hold the camera steady! I’ve found the digital level which can displayed onscreen when taking photos and video which may help me with taking level shots.

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