In 1987 – 1988 Stephen and I had our first overseas trip together. I kept a journal and Stephen took some photos. For many years we have meant to type it up. When I was sorting through Matt’s photos I found a few from our travels. We must have sent them to him and I put them in his photo album and wrote labels. I was also prompted by meantioning it at our Writers’ Group on Tuesday morning. I mentioned that the journal is in pencil and I was inferring that it was hard to read. When I looked at it, the pencil writing is quite legible in good lighting. I obviously wrote as neatly as I could.

The featured photo is of an incident that came when we were in England, but that isn’t where the journey started.

Saturday August 1, 1987 – Day 1


We arrived at about 5.00 p.m. and caught a Skybus to our Youth Hostel (or close). It is a modern set up and we have a small room with bathroom and laundry facilities on our floor, plus the kitchen and common room near reception. We are allowed late entry (on a code system) – all very civilized. Stephen has put in a call to his friend Lance and we are awaiting his return call. (We met up with Lance again on our 2011 tour of the Eastern States with our caravan.)

I enjoyed the flight – we got away in good time and had breakfast with Stephen’s parents, Grace and Len (was I really allowed to shorten his name?), sorted things out, then headed for the airport. Marie and Geoff and Glenn and Roslynn came to see us off. We kissed everyone goodbye, then headed off. It was a beautiful morning, cold, clear and crisp.

Chapman Street Hostel – comfortable atmosphere. We may stay a little longer, just depends. Stephen says we should buy our own supplies.

Lance rang and we have arranged to see him on Monday night.

We went for a walk towards the centre of the city. We bought some food for breakfast and had tea – Greek takeaway. We bought some tickets at the subway which will give us unlimited travel in the city for a week and caught the tram home.

Tea, muesli bar 10.00 p.m.

The room is noisy, but pleasant.

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