Musical week

The past week has centred around Stephen singing in a concert with the WASO chorus. He had rehearsals each night, then concerts on Friday and Saturday night. He had comps for the Friday night concert as the choir was not needed for the second half. On Saturday night the choir were told they could sit in the choir stalls for the second half, and many did. On Friday night at the interval I bought myself a ticket for Saturday afternoon. The concert was a 90th anniversary of the WASO celebration of favourites, and was particularly lovely. I wanted to hear it all again.

After the concert we ran into a friend and her date, and had a drink and talk with them. On Saturday afternoon we also ran into friends after the concert and stayed talking with them for about an hour.

We catch buses to and from the concert hall these days, saves the hassle of finding parking (especially if you don’t like paying), and the bus services are reasonably frequent. It was cold in St George’s Tce last night waiting for a bus. We had some warm gear, but not really enough. The weather seems to be changing now, some cooler temperatures, with a heatwave forecast for later this week. At least it’s a bit more interesting.

When the sound was particularly rattly and grumbly on Friday afternoon I took my camera, stood on the garden bed, and took some video. It turned out to be a pile driver that was causing all the sound/vibrations and it reinforced the side of the huge hole on the Albany Highway side. Apparently they have given up doing small repairs in our house as they expect there could be more problems over the next couple of weeks.

This is how close the hole is to our back fence – the temporary fence put in by the builder. It is difficult to not be concerned about how our little house will stand up to all of the vibrations from the building site. The hole is much deeper on the side next to Albany Highway.

We had a swim on Friday morning, with Stephen taking it easy, and me doing more laps than usual, with the idea that my body has probably adapted and can take more strain. I wasn’t particularly tired afterwards, but noticed during the swimming that I was getting pretty warm. I swim in the indoor heated pool, but don’t usually notice warmth.

Today we can relax until about 4.20 p.m. when Matthew arrives.

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