Potters Gorge

We were both a bit under the weather today, with headaches and feeling lethargic. We woke up at about 7.30 and didn’t finish our ‘showers’ until about 11.00 a.m. It was lovely to have a good excuse to really relax today.

Yesterday was quite cloudy and humid in the late afternoon/evening, but became chilly overnight. In the morning it was mostly sunny, with a stiff breeze, very nice weather indeed. By evening today it had clouded over, the wind dropped,  and it became warm and humid again. Unlike last night, we had a brief, bright sunset, and I took the featured photo. I had to run out with my meal half eaten to get some shots, but it was worth it.

bright morning (1 of 1)
About 8.00 a.m. Potters Gorge

We didn’t orginally plan to be here two nights, but we really didn’t feel up to moving on. We did a quick inventory of our food and drinking water, and decided we could go another day without doing any shopping. We have rain water here, and the signs say it is drinkable if boiled for a minute or more. So far, we have just used it for washing.

I took a couple of panadol and had a sleep for about an hour this morning. When I woke up I still felt rather ill, but we sat outside for most of the afternoon and that appears to have helped me to get better. If the weather wasn’t so humid I would probably have quite good energy!

sunset8 (1 of 1)
the final colour
mossy branch (1 of 1)
We went for a walk before tea. The light was quite dull, but a closeup photo of a mossy branch was possible.

The ranger came around at about 10.30 a.m. this morning and we paid for two nights, $7.00 per person per night with our National Parks pass and senior’s discount ($28.00).


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