Out of Home Adventures: Day 3

Potters Gorge to RAC Caravan Park, Busselton

As usual, we made slow progress today, with only about 94kms to travel. After packing up and leaving we drove to Wellington Dam nearby. The day was clear and sunny and fairly hot, even here well south of Perth.

We went through Dardanup, where we found a lovely German style bakery. The pastries, etc. were very tempting, but we just bought a loaf of bread and took our hot drinks back to the van to have lunch. We want to go back on a cooler day to look at some of the interesting buildings.

We drove into Capel, which has lots of cafes for a place that small. We needed to do some shopping, so took advantage of the IGA, forgetting that there is a new Coles quite close to the caravan park where we are now staying. Capel has free overnight camping for RVs, but we couldn’t see any signs and as we didn’t want to stay there this time, we headed off after the shopping.

By the time we arrived at about 2.30 p.m. we felt tired and washed out by the heat and humidity. It was still hot when we arrived, and the breeze wasn’t doing a very good job of cooling things down. We had our air conditioner going for an hour or so.

After a cup of tea I explored around, looking at the campers kitchen and swimming pools and nearby pond. We thought we would go for a walk to the beach towards sunset, but felt too tired. After rejoicing in having 240v power and running water, we got the news that the water would have to go off at 9.00 p.m. We had our showers early so that we didn’t miss out. At the back of the park there are individual ensuite bathrooms that anyone can use, as well as a couple of normal shower blocks. Of course, we do have our own little bathroom, but after three days it was nice to have a normal shower.

I got out our pressure cooker and made a meal of mince, beans and vegetables. We had a slice each of the delicious fresh bread, then fruit afterwards. We have enough of the cooked food left over for three more meals.

The last couple of nights have been humid and warm when we were going to bed, and it was uncomfortable because we didn’t have a fan. We are glad to have the fan for tonight as although it has cooled down, it is still humid and the breeze has dropped.

RAC Caravan Park Busselton (1 of 1).jpg
Busselton – RAC Caravan Park
morning2 (1 of 1)
This morning at Potters Gorge
morning (1 of 1)
After sunrise – Potters Gorge

This is not a very lively blog at the moment – we seem to be always tired, and it doesn’t help that I leave the writing to the end of the evening. We watched TV this evening, the SBS news, then Michael Portillo on another railway journey, then Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell. A bit of a TV binge. Rather nice when we haven’t had TV at all for a few nights. Michael’s show is pure escapism, of course.

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