Out of Home Adventures: Day 4


We had a few adventures today. We got up fairly early and went for a walk along the beach.

morning walk


morning walk 3

morning walk 4

morning walk2

We were ready to go out at about 11.30 a.m. and followed the map to find a nearby French bakery. It was closed, and we didn’t know whether to believe alternative information we were given on the web and in our local map.

Stephen consulted our local map and found a restaurant in the bush, the Goanna Gallery Cafe. The meals were a bit expensive, so we shared a meal and a pot of tea afterwards. The atmosphere was lovely. We read our books for quite a while. It was getting quite cool by the time we left at 3.30 p.m.

We were not sure what to do next, but decided that a beachside location where we could have tea (in the van) would be a good idea. We chose Meelup Beach as it wasn’t too far to drive after the meal. When we arrived there, the weather was mild and sunny and the sea beckoned. We had a swim and the featured photo is of Stephen waving from the sea. We had cold showers to wash off the salt. Later, we heated up our meal and enjoyed looking out of our window at the ocean.

We had hoped to head home whilst it was still light, but it was quite dark when we were leaving. There were kangaroos coming onto the beach and as we drove out one sat in front of us for a while, before hopping off. Fortunately it was was highly visible and we were going very slowly when we saw it.

Arriving home in the dark we appreciated the ‘street lamps’ in the caravan park, which helped us to do our hook ups and hang our wet bathers outside. Stephen went off to do the dishes in a small campers kitchen nearby and I set up inside.


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