Out of Home Adventures: Day 5

Busselton to Pinjarra

Today has been partly cloudy and warm rather than hot. We spent time packing up this morning. Stephen had three hookups as he set up the grey water hose to empty, as well as dealing with the water and electricity. The tank was pretty full as I gave up on going to the caravan park showers after the first day, it was so much easier to use our own shower.

We got away at about 10.10 a.m. We spent most of the journey on the direct road to Perth as it seemed easiest with lots of overtaking lanes in the first section, plus double lanes later on. Towards lunch time I was wondering about somewhere nice to stop that wasn’t just off the highway. We settled on Waroona, which meant driving through farmland to a little park near the information centre. We enjoyed the last of the German style bakery bread. We went to the Pinjarra Bakery (has branches in Waroona and Maddington as well as Pinjarra) and found their bread to be disappointingly ordinary. Even Coles bakery has nicer bread.

We were thinking of sitting outside in the little gazebo, but there were too many spiders!

This is the gazebo from outside.

High viz vests mean they were brave enough to ignore the spiders overhead.

Including this one on the roof!

There was some artwork in the park.

We stayed for a couple of hours, having lunch and a rest, plus going to the information centre and the bakery.

As you can see from the photos, it was sunny in the middle of the day, but it was quite grey by the time we reached Pinjarra. We are staying the night in their free RV parking area. It is next to the railway, with good toilets a short walk away. Pinjarra has quite a lot of public toilets for such a small town. We had a cup of tea and read our books for awhile after arriving. There wasn’t much of a breeze and it was warm and humid.

We went for a walk across the suspension bridge into town and checked out the shopping centre. We then walked back across the road bridge, past the Premier Hotel and back to the van. We have two other RVs now, a little village of 3.

Just across the road from where we are staying there is a paddock with a couple of horses. There was only one around when we walked past at the end of our walk, so the black one ended up in the featured image.

On our walk we saw that one house had gargoyles on the fence posts. The next door neighbour, obviously someone with a sense of humour, had a frog on his fence post.

We are hoping for a quiet night with not too many trains overnight. In the morning we plan to stock up on fruit and vegetables before heading for our home base for the next three weeks in Roleystone.

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