Out of Home Adventures: Day 13

Easter Monday

We enjoyed meeting up with our exchangees at our home for a meal. They are very interesting. They are appreciative of what Perth has to offer and have been out riding bikes, even in the heat. Michael is an excellent cook and it was interesting to see what someone had made of our kitchen facilities. We hope to get the recipte for the desert, a sort of fruit tart, with interesting and complex flavours and textures.

We stayed in the same place near the railway line overnight, and were easily able to persuade ourselves to have a swim in the morning. There are no parking restrictions on Saturday and we stayed a bit longer than last time. The weather was cool when we first got down to Perth on Friday evening. We parked up in the Carlisle shopping area and went for a walk to enjoy the sunset and moonrise. There was less of a breeze later in the evening, but once we switched off the lights and opened the curtains there was enough of a breeze to be comfortable sleeping.

We went shopping at the Swansea Street Markets, then went to McCallum Park to have lunch and a rest. At about 3.00 p.m. we rang the house, and went to see Matt. Hidde was there, and we sat outside with most of the residents, enjoying chatting and relaxing. Matt was relaxed, sitting with his legs crossed and holding my hand. We left as they were having the evening meal. We ran into Scott who was working at another house and who was interested in the Winnie. It meant we were a bit later getting back to Roleystone, and probably took a bit of a risk (roos) coming up the hill.

We have been going a slightly different route, and followed this on the way home. Unfortunately it meant stopping on a steep slope at a give way sign. This is where I found it impossible to do a hill start. This is the first time it has happened, but perhaps we have not been on such a steep slope. The Winnie makes a slow start normally, building up to being quite powerful in due course.

We put the hazard warning lights on so that cars would go around us and I rolled the Winnie back down the hill. Another driver came beside us to see what the problem was, and offered to help us get through the intersection by waving us through. A good samaritan indeed. I had to keep going and feel I didn’t thank him properly, but we made it home safely. I panicked a bit when we were having problems, but rolling back down the hill solved the problem and if I hadn’t had help I would have turned around and gone back to our normal route.

Sunday morning I did quite a lot of washing and as it was a fine, sunny day, was even able to get some sheets washed and dry on the outside line. I have lots of airers with clean clothes on them. It will be a task for tomorrow to put them away.

We went for a walk Sunday evening and I took three photos. This morning I went with Marie and Glenn to Armadale shopping centre. I bought a new induction cooktop to trial, the Phillips one I have is very difficult to control and I end up with water everywhere or burning cabbage – it gets too hot and won’t let me take charge. We had lunch at a Spanish cafe in the big shopping centre. Our waitress knows Glenn as he sometimes goes there with someone from his agency.

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