Out of Home Adventures: Day 19

Friday at the Dome

Marie and Geoff left on Wednesday as planned. We had a nice evening with Glenn as he came over to remind us about the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony and we watched it together. He had soup and bread for tea, we had scrambled eggs and salad (his choice).

Stephen was having some problems with his foot and dropped in to see his GP on Wednesday. He was given some advice and ointment and anti histamines. Yesterday morning his foot was swollen up, very puffy underneath. We applied peas (frozen), which helped a bit, but he decided he needed to go back to the GP. I wanted to pick up a lens in the city, so we parked in Victoria Park where I caught the bus and he went to the appointment.

They discovered a blister, possibly caused by one toe folding over the other. He hobbled out with a bandage and antibiotics. We went to a cafe so that he could eat, then went home. I had let Glenn know what we were doing and we went out after he returned from his morning outing. He apparently spent the afternoon resting and watching cartoons.

In the evening I cooked savoury mince in the big frying pan, using a chicken noodle soup as the flavouring. Stephen liked it and Glenn said it was quite good.

Glenn went off this morning early to have breakfast. We have been locking up the house overnight and I opened up when I heard him, apparently talking to himself. We were awake, but having our first cup of tea in bed.

We locked up and came down to Gosnells so that Stephen could catch the 220 bus, the only bus that goes through to Victoria Park on Albany Highway. The dressing will either be changed or taken off today at the clinic.

The featured photo was taken around sunset (in Roleystone) at ISO 2000. Attractive even if it isn’t very sharp. It was processed in Snapseed on the ipad.


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