Out of Home Adventures: Day 20

Saturday in Roleystone

Glenn really looked forward to his outing on Friday night. He spent the afternoon listening to music and getting in the mood. When he came home he was still ‘up’, but we couldn’t hear him once we went over to the Winnie to go to bed.

This morning we did some shopping for cold meat and salad, which we had tonight for tea, and some food to cook for tomorrow night when we have Matt. About 3:30 pm I looked up local attractions and found a dam (Churchman Brook Dam) about 10 minutes drive from here. Stephen can’t walk very far, but we enjoyed the views and walking around the picnic area. Glenn had been out trekking around in the morning and didn’t feel like coming with us.

At tea time I set up the salads and he was able to choose what he liked of the cold meat and salads. We had some potatoes, taking advantage of the big bag he brought home on Wednesday.

The best thing about the outing was when I overshot our destination and as we were searching for a place to turn around we came across an echidna. It checked that we were definitely stopped before walking delicately across the road. I couldn’t take a photo as I was the driver.

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