Morning tea with friends at Pinaroo Pt

As usual we had a bit of a disturbed night here until about 12.30 a.m., then quiet enough to sleep through for the rest of the night. The fridge was still working on gas when I switched it off. This morning the flame has been blowing out in the wind, so have switched to 12volt as we are getting plenty of sun.

At about 7.15 a.m. we noticed a noisy generator next door, with a caravan in the next set of bays. When we investigated it turned out to be a pop up cafe. They are doing a range of foods and icecreams as well as coffees. I had a flat white after our swim made in my own cup.


Eversley, Geoff and Lizzie joined us for morning tea and because we didn’t know about the pop up cafe we had already arranged to bring food and drinks. Geoff and Lizzie have moved to the campervan, which Lizzie can easily drive. It is large enough to use for short trips, though they are planning a couple of weeks away, including going to the Nannup Music Festival.

We admired each others’ vans, but for the moment we are satisfied with our much larger van, especially for long trips.

Stephen and I had a swim after our morning cuppas. It was cool outside, oddly making the water seem less cold. We had a lovely splash around before meeting up with the others. As we had lots of shade we set up outside our van rather than on the grass. Eversley’s car was next to our van which left enough space for the five of us.


Lizzie and I took the photos, so there is one with her and one with me in the group.

They went for a swim after morning tea and we had went for a walk along the beach.

boat in shore (1 of 1).jpg
the drop off just beyond the beach meant that people could bring their boat in close
on the beach (1 of 1)
beginning of animal exercise beach

It may be next summer before we are all available to come here again. Geoff and Lizzie would like to spend the night in their van and Eversley is working out whether she can cope with sleeping in her car. If we had her in the middle it should feel quite safe.

We really like the beach here and it is relatively uncrowded compared with Mullaloo and the animal exercise beach around the point. We walked up to take a look.

This was why they bought the little boat into shore. Matt has done this type of water skiiing, but only on the river.

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