A few weeks ago I was making up the bed in the Winnie and damaged my thumb. I’ve had an ultrasound that confirmed tendonitis. A visit to an OT confirmed that a splint is the answer. I got to choose the colour and she made it as I watched. Wearing it is awkward and as it is waterproof I am even supposed to wear it in the shower. Also swimming, I guess. For the next two weeks until I see her again.

We were at the Writers Festival today. Stephen has a cold and was feeling a bit poorly, so the first thing we went to was a musical event at the Calloway Auditorium At 2.00 pm.

Robert Hoffman singing and talking about lieder. He was dressed in a suit and tie at first, before breaking out into a different persona. So we think the suit was a sort of misdirection. He is a lovely singer and very funny.

We stayed around afterwards to talk with Eversley and have a coffee. We were sort of listening to David Stratton being interviewed, but couldn’t get seats close enough to hear clearly. Then we went to the bookshop. There was a notice up that many books were unavailable due to a train derailment in SA. Well, I found out on Thursday that our new fridge was on the train that derailed, we think it was on Monday. The thing is, I don’t know why the freight company didn’t immediately let their customers know that there would be a delay in deliveries.

As it was, on Wednesday we dropped off the Winnie and they stripped out the old fridge, as the new fridge was due to arrive. It was only when I rang up on Thursday and put them under pressure that I found out. They hadn’t let MyGenerator, who sent the fridge, know either.

It seems very silly as clearly a derailment is not the freight company’s fault. Why just wait for irate people to contact them wanting to know why goods hadn’t been delivered.

Matt was going to come to tea on Friday night, but we didn’t want him to come home whilst Stephen was infectious, so I went to visit him instead. I shopped for lemons and throat lozenges on the way home.

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