A ride on the new light rail: Days 30 and 31

Saturday 20th April, 2019

Our ride wasn’t quite what we had hoped, but perhaps what we might have expected. The station is located close to do venues, EPIC where we are and the racecourse. The consequence is that there is quite a walk from the entrance to the station from each. EPIC could open a gate close to the station and will hopefully do so in the future.

The train was very crowded with families wanting to experience the new trains. Children not used to being on public transport hemmed in with adults were quite distressed. I was offered a seat late in the journey, but we could see that parents with unhappy little kids needed seats to provide cuddling and reassurance. When we arrived in town we could see long lines of people waiting to catch the trains out of the city. Fortunately we could still catch the bus, and after a coffee break and shopping, that is what we did.

We also decided to try out the shuttle bus back to our campsite, and that has become our preferred way of getting to and from our campsite. Ruth has made it back to the Festival and we continue to see Pam and Eleanor around the place.

Stephen reading the notice at our Shuttle Bus Stop.

Photos from the camping areas.

A dancing violinist. I didn’t really capture his best moves.

Sunday 21st April, 2019

We made an effort and got to the Festival by about 10:20 this morning. We enjoyed a Peace Concert, very well attended, followed by the Spooky Men’s Chorale.

Their Sufi song celebrating Ba’hari Gibb (Barry Gibb). I particularly loved their rendition of ‘Crossing the Bar’, a musical version of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem.

We had French fondues and a crepe for lunch. Very delicious and salty, with wonderful full flavoured cheese. We are trying different food stalls for various flavour and texture experiences.

We are having a rest at the van before going back into the fray for more music. We will talk with Matt tonight on FaceTime in between concerts. 8:30 our time. 6:30 in Perth.

We are still having oddly warm weather here, days of about 25 and nights about 12. Where on earth is the cold weather? Due in a few days actually, just as we move on to even warmer weather in Sydney.

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