Day 61 – the call finally came

Tuesday 21st May, 2019

At about 11:30 a.m. We caught a taxi out to pick up the van. I checked the diesel heater, which was showing an error message. After a quick Google the batteries being a bit low was possibly the problem.

Back at our cabin we packed up everything into the van and set out at about 1:20 pm. We didn’t even stay to have lunch, we were just so keen to be going. On the way we stopped at a hamlet called Milvale. Stephen said that people there looked like a work crew, and so it turned out. They were putting up decorative sculptures. In conversation we were told about the thriving little community of Milvale.

I loved this spring water tap. Unfortunately the spring has dried up, but water may run again with winter rains.

Of course, there is another MCG somewhere in Victoria.

On arriving in Temora, we checked out the free camping place, which looked very nice, but we only wanted to use the toilets before going shopping. We have stocked up and loaded the fridge. We are staying in the little council caravan park, with power to give our batteries a good overnight charge. A little while ago we tried out the heating and it’s working perfectly, confirming that the problem was low house batteries.

Temora is only about 80 kms from Young, but we feel good about having made a start and are resolved to do lots of kms each day, going to bed early and getting up early. We shall see how that works out.

I’ve met a little family over their lovely campfire. They have been living in the caravan park for two years as they wait to be able to build their house. They have two little boys and the younger one has never lived in a house. The little one also took a fancy to me as a sort of substitute granny and has given me lots of hugs.

We still have to email our receipts for accommodation and car hire to our insurer for reimbursement, a morning task as we will need good light to take photos. It’s lovely being in our own dear little house again, although we managed to make ourselves very comfortable in the cabin at Young, home is best.

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  1. You will be able to help our bookclub with ‘what is home’… very interesting philosophical question we’ve found!!
    Anyway see Christina’s Denmark if you are interested in sharing the apartment…Bernie was hoping to come.. but not likely now.. but let you know if she changes her mind!!

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