Coffee with Wagner

Our plan yesterday was to walk over the covered bridge and to visit the Wagner museum. We achieved both of these things. We had a leisurely waking up and didn’t leave our little apartment until about 11.30 a.m. After wandering around and going over the covered bridge, we had a healthy lunch at a cafe, very expensive, and then set out for the Wagner museum. It is in a house he lived in for about 5 years, now in an outer suburb of Lucerne.

The house is beautiful and although I didn’t go through the museum I did get to go inside to the WC and noticed how lovely and gracious the rooms were and how easy the stairs were. They had a very gradual gradient which would have made living in the four story house very easy.

I stayed outside in the courtyard where there was a kiosk and tables. One coffee and my book (on iPad) kept me happy until Stephen finished. We decided to walk back to the town centre along the river. There were little signs of humans with backpacks or help us follow the path around yacht clubs and parks.

Back near the station we found celebrations of the Swiss National Day (which is actually today) in progress. We had a beer and sausage and sat back to enjoy the proceedings.

Later, we walked by the river and up to the battlements to enjoy the view. We found our way to the nearest bus stop and got home by about 9.00 p.m.

Just a few more photos from the day, including the motorhome called ‘Home Car’.

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  1. Sounds like all going very well with an extra three days. I’m off on a (free) trip of my own to see Vicki in Bridgetown – on my travel passes! Train and bussing!😻

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