Mt Rigi trip

Yesterday we went to the mountain. We were very fortunate that the day was clear and sunny, which made for the best possible viewing. If we had got up there in the morning it would have been even better as a slight haze developed later.

We went to the tourist information office and bought tickets for a boat trip to the staring point for the rail trip to the summit, the rail trip itself, and tickets to cover bus and train trip home.

The cruise on the lake was very beautiful in the sunshine.

We travelled from Luzern to Vitznau, as shown on the map.

We then caught a train like this.

Just kidding, this is a tourist train that goes around the city. We went on a rack railway up the mountain.

At the top, after leaving the train, there are walk, including going up to the very top of Mt Rigi where there is a communications tower.

An odd thing to find on a Swiss mountain.

Even up this high, there were meadows where cattle were grazing/

We walked for about 20 minutes down the mountain to catch our train at the next station. Families were walking down with babies in prams. It was fairly steep and I don’t think I would have like to have done that/

Here two women were holding the pram together.

There was no difficulty with catching the bus, then train to the city. We had bratwurst at the station and salad at home. We were tired and a little shaky, both affected by the relatively quick changes in elevation, we think. Plus sunburnt.

Stephen experiences an odd vision change sometimes and he had it last night. He reminded me where to find the emergency medical phone number which is posted up in our corridor. Quite a worry! Anyway, he’s OK.

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