Have I mentioned all the hard work we have to do sorting out accommodation and trains when moving to a new location? This can take a couple of hours in an evening. Airbnb can be frustrating as the descriptions of accomodation do not always match reality and only trawling through the comments from previous guests allows vital stuff to emerge, such as being in a basement with the laundry room between you and your private bathroom. A very busy laundry room apparently.

In the end we have booked a private room with en-suite in a hostel for Weimar, going through the Hostelworld website.

I’m not quite sure why we are going to Wiemar, we can consult Stephen later.

We enjoyed our last day in Dresden, having a quiet morning at home before heading into town. Location is another critical factor in booking places. Our cottage was out of town, but with a tram outside the front gate that ran every 15 minutes. Ideal.

We went to a large museum, with different sections. and particularly enjoyed the Mathematical Museum. It represents a collection of technology from the 18th Century, mainly belonging to a king with a technical bent. He had all sorts of devices for measuring things, including distance travelled in his carriage. It was partly to know all about his possessions – land areas. But I also think he had a passion for the latest technology and the money to indulge himself.

I also,went through one of the art galleries and there was enough information in English to appreciate the paintings I liked. My taste is for portraits and landscapes.

We had a cake and coffee (we hobbits have to work on our pudge) in between sections of the museum. It was raining a lot by the end of the day. We did some washing in the morning and are carrying some damp clothes to Weimar to decorate our room at the hostel. There was no hope of it drying yesterday, despite being in a covered area.

Unusual flower in the garden where we were staying.

Rather a grand building for the museum

When travelling on the trams Stephen liked to sit at the back with the big windows.

Having food from our mobile pantry on the train.

Another museum photo

We,had time today to have a quick lunch at a bakery at Leipzig before catching our next train. Only one train change today.

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