Exploring Weimar

The reason: it’s sort of on our way home and we had enough Eurail pass journeys left.

The top image is the view from our hostel room. We have a double bunk bed in the room as well as our twin beds pushed together. The bunk beds make a wonderful airing rack for our hand washing.

This town was the capital of Germany for a few years – the Weimar Republic. It doesn’t make a lot of sense seeing it now as it is a very pleasant medium sized town, but not really national capital material. Still, you could say that about Canberra.

It has a lovely feel, clean, with many attractive buildings. We have bought 48 hr cards which cover many of the museums as well as our bus travel. We are enjoying staying at the hostel and have paid extra to have the buffet breakfasts in the morning. We even had some salad for breakfast this morning, to cover us for the day in case lunch and dinner don’t have salad or vegetables. We can get a packed lunch for 6 euros or a small meal for about the same money. We opted for the small meals last night.

The weather is a bit cloudy and when there isn’t a breeze it is very muggy which makes us feel very tired.

On Thursday evening we went by bus to the centre of town to look around and have a meal. Yesterday we found that there are several town squares and the centre is a bit larger than we first thought. We went to the Goethe museum which is in his house. A very pleasant and liveable house, with the shallow stairs which make going up and down so easy compared with normal stairs. Goethe’s idea, of course, he had the main staircase installed, based on his study of ancient architecture.

Stephen had the energy to do another museum afterwards, but I stayed readying at a cafe.

This morning we are at the Bauhaus Museum. The whole thing started here, though there were other schools established later. The Bauhaus movement has had world wide influence and it is very interesting to visit this museum which explains its roots. Art, craft, furniture, architecture and theatre were all covered in the early days.

A cradle in the Bauhaus museum.

Goethe’s garden.

Tourists riding in a carriage. The driver has her little dog riding next to her.

A visitor at my cafe table yesterday afternoon.

Stephen with Goerthe and Schiller.

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