To the North: we’ve only come for the Sunday roast

We’ve arrived at the 80 mile beach caravan park and they have a Sunday roast and desert meal on offer tomorrow night. As we booked in this evening we placed our order as well, so as to not miss out. We couldn’t get a powered site, nor an unpowered site, so we are in the overflow section, it’s very nice and right next to the beach although there is a sand hill between us and the view.

Stephen was very unlucky today. Just as he took over to drive in the afternoon there came a weird beeping sound. It got worse, with a secondary sound as well. Eventually we worked out that it was nothing to do with the van, just the UHF radio. Once we switched off we were OK. He rarely drives the van, so it was really disconcerting as we thought he’d touched a wrong button or something.

More news about the last couple of days will come in a follow up post. We are staying here two nights and I should have time to do some writing. The internet is slow and won’t load even one photo.

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