Not having been here for about a year we weren’t sure if we could still get away with having an overnight here. I picked up our van from Ken Peachey on Monday, but it has been too hot to put our stuff back into the van, apart from folding chairs, etc. It meant that to get away yesterday I had to make many trips outside in heat (not as hot as it has been however) to get ready. Stephen filled the water tank and got out our low folding chairs, which we thought would be best for sitting on the beach to watch the sunset.

We packed for three meals, dinner last night, breakfast this morning, and lunch today. It will likely get too hot to be in the van in the afternoon unless we move into shade.

There is always a bit of a schedule if you want to enjoy the sunset and evening light afterwards. After arriving at 5.00 we went for a short swim, then had a drink and nibbles on the beach. Then dinner, and back out again for the sunset. This time I took my camera. It’s only a short walk to the beach and we can see down the path from our van with a little glimpse of the sea, but always have to walk down there to enjoy a good view.

The breeze dropped overnight and someone decided to play a few chords on a guitar, so I got out our fan to provide a breeze and provide some white noise. We were able to get back to sleep. There were a few other people staying here overnight, but unfortunately we get a few noisy folk doing who knows what. I’ve ordered a sirocco fan from the East. We will have to have it installed when we get our new solar controller installed. But it will be much easier to simply switch it on, rather than having to set up the big battery fan.

This morning we were awoken early by a couple of people who seemed to be taking equipment down to the beach, perhaps for an event. The next time we woke up it was broad daylight at about 6.45 a.m. After a cuppa we went and had a bit longer swim before showers and breakfast. We are rather set up for camping at the moment with the airer out with our bathers and towells and the awning out to partly protect the sliding door side of the van.

Given rising COVID numbers I would rather give the writer’s festival in Fremantle a miss, and all of the other events we have on next week, but Stephen has no sense of danger and is adamant that he wants to go. As there is no point in me sheltering if he won’t it means I am going too. If we at least cut down on events it would help me to feel less stressed.

A few more photos from the evening.

The plan is to go home later today, then drive down to the Writers Festival tomorrow afternoon. We had thought of staying down there, but we would have to go to a caravan park for the overnight. It’s still quite warm in the afternoons and I would rather have the van parked at home in part shade at home, rather than on the street in Fremantle.

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