On our second evening we enjoyed being peacefully located next to the lake, but in a better location. We still had to level up a bit. As you saw from the last post we had the sculpture in front. Yesterday was unexpectedly wet. I woke up to beautiful sunshine and whilst I was reading my ipad it all changed and was grey for the rest of the day.

We found the internet very strange. At first, it seemed that having changed location we suddenly had a good signal. But, during the day it diminished to almost nothing again, but picked up in the evening. It was still windy by the evening, but we walked around to the bird hide area at one end of the lake where it was more sheltered.

One of the nicest things was that we were well prepared for the moonrise and watched it rising over the lake at about 9.15 p.m. We had just stopped our movie, saving the second half for another night.

We’ve been watching movies, etc. using the mini projector and the kitchen window blind as our screen. Although there is the oddity of the window edging in the movie it is more immersive than watching video on the ipad or even my laptop. We haven’t finished last night’s movie and will watch the rest tonight. It’s ‘The Last Duel’, which presents basically the same story from three different viewpoints. It’s very interesting and I close my eyes during the gruesome battle sequences.

Moonrise last night. We also had a great view of the Milky Way as the night was so clear.

This morning we woke up to a full mist, which gradually dissipated, leaving a pleasant sunny morning. We took our time getting ready, then drove back to Katanning to empty and fill up the tanks. Stephen took another look at the exhibition in the library and I went to the Dome for takeaway coffee and sliders to be shared with him.

Tonight we are staying at the Boyup Brook Caravan Park and find, once again, that the unpowered sites are the best. The powered sites are close together and up on a rise away from the river, but we are camped next to the river. We have tried for a spot that has plenty of sun, but don’t really know what it will be like here in the morning.

We are thinking of staying here for a second night, then having the last two nights in Bunbury. It’s easy to travel up the highway and freeway to Perth, though we will do the journey on Tuesday, not Anzac Day, to hopefully avoid most of the holiday makers returning to Perth from the south.

We plan to revisit the Dardanup Bakery on our way back to Bunbury with our expectations on good coffee and beautiful glazed donuts.

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