Double Break: Boyup Brook to Bunbury

Mist on the river Saturday morning

It was very bright overnight at the caravan park due to floodlights on the main shed. I suppose it was good if you wanted to walk up to the toilets in the night, but it meant we had a lot of light in the van as we were sleeping. Still, we slept pretty well both nights.

It was sunny and cool on Friday when we walked into town. Most of the way was fairly flat, with a steep bit at end of about 300m. As we got up so late it was lunchtime, so we checked out the town’s only cafe. It is delightful, and well worth a visit if you come to Boyup Brook. There are comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces, friendly service, and great coffee and food.

After sharing a hamburger I went shopping whilst Stephen went to the Visitor Centre again. Then we walked back along a very attractive walking trail to the caravan park, doing a kind of loop. We had planned to continue on the trail to the Skeleton (Skelly) Bridge in the evening, but found we were both quite pooped from our walk into town and preferred to have a restful evening. The handwashing I did when we first arrived Thursday was dry, so that needed sorting and we had a light meal with eggs and salad.

On our second stage of the movie I set the projector up closer to the blind on the sliding door and managed to get the whole picture on a smooth surface. This made it even more enjoyable.

A bit later in the morning

Yesterday was a morning of tasks. We needed to dump and fill up, plus I thought we should do a bit more shopping in the town, rather than in Bunbury which was probably very busy. Of course, we stopped in at Dardanup on the way and had vegetarian steudle slices. We bought two donuts, but had no appetite left after our main course. We shared a donut for afternoon tea and still have one in the pantry for today.

After arriving in Bunbury we didn’t go to the visitor centre for our permit as I didn’t feel like dealing with the traffic, but have spent the night at the Rocky Point parking area. Instead of parking just off the road in the designated bays we are actually in the parking area, which was a bit quieter overnight, once the young people stopped coming by and making lots of noise.

Before settling in for the night we drove along the coast to a beautiful lookout point. There is a national park on the coast and a big area of newer development. There was a picnic area nearby with toilets and the obligatory Norfolk Pines. The area is high off the beach, with well maintained steps down. The houses are large, but not as crass and uniform as on Perth’s northern beaches. One was a large house with wide verandah’s all around and a view of the sea. I chose it as my dream house for that location.

Norfolk Pines are planted at many Australian beaches. It can be the first sign that you are nearing a beach, even before you see the ocean.

The sunset last night wasn’t colourful due to fine cloud and haze. It was mostly still overnight with some wind gusts and this morning is cloudy. We’ve used our little sirrocco fan overnight for the last couple of nights, not really for cooling, but more to ensure we have an airflow. It works very well pointed away from us to ensure we don’t get cold. Though of course last night wasn’t as cold as in Boyup Brook, partly due to the coastal effect and partly because rain is coming later today and the temperatures everywhere are warmer.

Quite a few people are out at the moment, but thank goodness they didn’t arrive really early as would have happened if today was sunny.

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