Double Break: sunrise over the coffee van

Sunrise in Bunbury with coffee caravan ready for my morning coffee

I cooked a one pan meal in the late afternoon on Monday and we enjoyed a movie as the predicted storm arrived. It rocked the van a bit, but wasn’t too bad. We had a disturbed night though because of the strong wind and also had a bit of a wash from the reticulation system! But, it was worth it in the morning as it was partly cloudy and I went out and took photos of the waves breaking over the rocks and the pink clouds.

It was time to head home again, fortunately the drive from Bunbury is less than 200 kms and even with a break at the Dome in Pinjarra we were home by about 1.30 p.m. In the evening we had choir, so not much time, but unloaded most of our stuff from the van.

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